i’m new here… signed up and in 10 minutes my account was deactivated for suspicious file???

all i did was upload an index file, created an image folder and uploaded 2 images… clicked reactivate ticket… and still no response… like wth? this is how they treat new members???

If one of the files you uploaded immediately after your account was created was a blacklisted file, then yes, your account is deactivated very shortly after your account is created. Simply because your account is new you don’t get a free pass to upload harmful content.

And if you believe your content is not harmful? That’s what the review requests are for.

Also, the reactivate ticket is a kind of support ticket, meaning they are checked by actual, real, human people. Because of that, the response isn’t instant, it can take a few hours to get a response. Usually it’s less than 24 hours though.

it’s been reactivated… but what could have been a “blacklisted” file? index.php - can’t foresee that being a blacklisted file… index pages are html or php…

or the 2 images… 1 being a .png and the other being a .jpg… again, i can’t see them being blacklisted files…

If it has been reactivated and you didn’t receive any instructions to remove any specific files, it means it’s unimportant. Most likely, some of the content in a HTML or PHP page triggered the filter.

wth… it’s suspended again…all i did was change a few lines of text…

anyone work on sundays?

If your account is suspended, you need to submit a reactivation request. Posting here doesn’t do anything to help speed up the reactivation of your account.