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On premium hosting is it possible to open a WS socket using PHP something similar to:

$host = 'localhost'; //host
$port = '8000'; //port
$null = NULL; //null var

//Create TCP/IP sream socket
$socket = socket_create(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, SOL_TCP);
//reuseable port
socket_set_option($socket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEADDR, 1);

//bind socket to specified host
socket_bind($socket, 0, $port);

//listen to port

//create & add listning socket to the list
$clients = array($socket);

//start endless loop, so that our script doesn't stop
while (true) {
	//manage multipal connections
	$changed = $clients;
	//returns the socket resources in $changed array
	socket_select($changed, $null, $null, 0, 10);
	//check for new socket
	if (in_array($socket, $changed)) {
		$socket_new = socket_accept($socket); //accpet new socket
		$clients[] = $socket_new; //add socket to client array
		$header = socket_read($socket_new, 1024); //read data sent by the socket
		perform_handshaking($header, $socket_new, $host, $port); //perform websocket handshake
		socket_getpeername($socket_new, $ip); //get ip address of connected socket
		$response = mask(json_encode(array('type'=>'system', 'message'=>$ip.' connected'))); //prepare json data
		send_message($response); //notify all users about new connection
		//make room for new socket
		$found_socket = array_search($socket, $changed);
	//loop through all connected sockets
	foreach ($changed as $changed_socket) {	
		//check for any incomming data
		while(socket_recv($changed_socket, $buf, 1024, 0) >= 1)
			$received_text = unmask($buf); //unmask data
			$tst_msg = json_decode($received_text, true); //json decode 
			$user_name = $tst_msg['name']; //sender name
			$user_message = $tst_msg['message']; //message text
			$user_color = $tst_msg['color']; //color
			//prepare data to be sent to client
			$response_text = mask(json_encode(array('type'=>'usermsg', 'name'=>$user_name, 'message'=>$user_message, 'color'=>$user_color)));
			send_message($response_text); //send data
			break 2; //exist this loop
		$buf = @socket_read($changed_socket, 1024, PHP_NORMAL_READ);
		if ($buf === false) { // check disconnected client
			// remove client for $clients array
			$found_socket = array_search($changed_socket, $clients);
			socket_getpeername($changed_socket, $ip);
			//notify all users about disconnected connection
			$response = mask(json_encode(array('type'=>'system', 'message'=>$ip.' disconnected')));
// close the listening socket

function send_message($msg)
	global $clients;
	foreach($clients as $changed_socket)
	return true;

//Unmask incoming framed message
function unmask($text) {
	$length = ord($text[1]) & 127;
	if($length == 126) {
		$masks = substr($text, 4, 4);
		$data = substr($text, 8);
	elseif($length == 127) {
		$masks = substr($text, 10, 4);
		$data = substr($text, 14);
	else {
		$masks = substr($text, 2, 4);
		$data = substr($text, 6);
	$text = "";
	for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($data); ++$i) {
		$text .= $data[$i] ^ $masks[$i%4];
	return $text;

//Encode message for transfer to client.
function mask($text)
	$b1 = 0x80 | (0x1 & 0x0f);
	$length = strlen($text);
	if($length <= 125)
		$header = pack('CC', $b1, $length);
	elseif($length > 125 && $length < 65536)
		$header = pack('CCn', $b1, 126, $length);
	elseif($length >= 65536)
		$header = pack('CCNN', $b1, 127, $length);
	return $header.$text;

//handshake new client.
function perform_handshaking($receved_header,$client_conn, $host, $port)
	$headers = array();
	$lines = preg_split("/\r\n/", $receved_header);
	foreach($lines as $line)
		$line = chop($line);
		if(preg_match('/\A(\S+): (.*)\z/', $line, $matches))
			$headers[$matches[1]] = $matches[2];

	$secKey = $headers['Sec-WebSocket-Key'];
	$secAccept = base64_encode(pack('H*', sha1($secKey . '258EAFA5-E914-47DA-95CA-C5AB0DC85B11')));
	//hand shaking header
	$upgrade  = "HTTP/1.1 101 Web Socket Protocol Handshake\r\n" .
	"Upgrade: websocket\r\n" .
	"Connection: Upgrade\r\n" .
	"WebSocket-Origin: $host\r\n" .
	"WebSocket-Location: ws://$host:$port/demo/shout.php\r\n".

because I know you can’t on free hosting…

I am not exactly sure what you need assistance with.

If you have a premium hosting account, please contact


I dont have premium I am just asking If I do get it will this work or will it refuse it…

Gotcha. I realize now that I read your question wrong, my apologies.

I am not sure, and support may differ between plans. It’s best to ask if it is supported or not.

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No, you can’t set up your own TCP listeners on premium hosting either. There are script timeout limits, and firewall rules that prevent you from exposing your own ports on the server.

Also, PHP is an abysmal language to use to build a websocket server because it lacks any kind of async IO or event handling capabilities. Languages like Node.js or Golang are much better suited for websockets.

I would be very surprised if there is any web hosting provider that lets you setup websocket connections because the entire shared hosting model seems fundamentally incompatible with what you’re trying to do.

I’m certain that you’ll need a VPS if you want to set up a process to listen to a custom port like this.


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