Wrongful Suspension of my account? Automatic Filter

Hello guys, I hope this will be resolved, as this happened once before, but I was told it
was the automated system that suspended me, and my account was swiftly re-instated.

I was told I was suspended for having the name “casino” in my domain, which was referring to a custom plugin I am working on for a MyBB forum, I think it must have been flagged, but I feel like the person I sent the ticket to might have mis-understood me.

I am just worried since I spent countless hours doing a lot of work for a forum I am establishing, and it can all be for nothing over a simple mis-communication.

I am sure my email and account “tester112” in my hosting plans which holds months worth of work, and I am seriously on edge about this, been a long-time costumer and I always stay within the confinement of the TOS.

I hope this clears up, and this suspension happened on a different account I have,
but I don’t think that makes a difference, but the filter wrongfully suspended my account, and i have tried clearing it up.

Try to send them a support ticket?

I did, I was just told what was just a random name for a plugin wasn’t allowed,
nothing was going on nor was there any files on the account as far as I know.

Like I said, I am afraid that there is a mis-communication somewhere, I don’t see how
the name “casino” got my suspended, and why I did not get re-instated when I explained it, so I tried to re-explain in more details.

I just dont want have to constantly worry about losing all my money and time spent for no reason known to me, it is very confusing.

Gambling type sites are frowned upon because they are often fake scam/spam sites. So that may have caused the misunderstanding.

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