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The server is serving up my PHP generated html code, rather than the CSS file that is actually stored on the server. I have tried firefox and chrome, both show the ‘styles.css’ file to be the generated html, rather than CSS. However, when I use an ftp client and download the file from my server the correct CSS file shows up. I have another page on the website with the same exact same file path to the style sheet and it is working just fine. To take a look at it go to (http://chrisgruendell.infinityfreeapp.com/csis2440/hashbrown)
Any help would be appreciated!

Visiting http://chrisgruendell.infinityfreeapp.com/csis2440/hashbrown/create-account.php works fine for me.

The issue appears to be with the slash you’re adding at the end; when that slash is added, create-account.php/) is treated like a folder, so the following code:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/styles.css">

Tries to load this:

Which ends up loading the PHP page again instead of your script.

From your source code it also seems you’re trying to include your style twice, you should probably correct that.


Alright, I’ll fix that. Thanks for the heads up, I’m still learning all of this. Is the page styled on your end?

Thanks again for the reply. I changed that and it seems to be fine now, which is nice because that assignment is due in like 2 hours lol.

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