Wp super cache

I installed the WP super cache plug-in and found that it does not cache content. The cached files are all 0. Who can tell me what’s going on?

Do not use a cache plugin. They generally don’t work here and could get you suspended.

Why doesn’t it work?

Oops, sorry. I got the wrong thing. Things like WP Rocket don’t work well.
Are you sure you activated the plugin?

Yes, I’m trying W3 total cache now

Ok, maybe you’ll have better luck. Personally, I don’t use a caching plugin for fear of getting suspended.

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What are the specific TOS regulations?

There are no specific TOS regulations, but if you exceed the number of inodes and the daily CPU limit, you could be suspended (I guess for server abuse).

Oh, okay.I tested W3 total cache, which is five times slower than not using the cache plug-in

Weird. Instead of a plugin, try creating a cron job in the control panel to load your homepage every 1hr and 5min


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