WP login via new domain

Hi Admin, I just added a domain & done with subdomain redirections. Redirections works fine and now I just need to wait for the domain’s transfer to be fully propagated.

Earlier I have registered using a free domain, ie, xx.rf.gd, and xx.rf.gd/wp/wp-admin is used for WP storage & installations etc. Since I’ve changed the domain, would I be able to login to WP using my new domain instead ? xx.com/wp/wp-admin?

How easy it is depends on how you added the domain to your account. If you’ve added it as a parked domain, it should be quite easy (and visiting xx.com/wp/ should already redirect you to xx.rf.gd/wp/). If that’s the case, follow this guide to change the site URL: https://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

If you’ve added the domain as an addon domain, you’ll actually need to move the website to a different directory. This guide explains how to move a Wordpress installation: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex . Most instructions there (except for changing the database settings) apply to you as well.

Noted with thanks Admin. Mine is the latter, I’ll try to update it accordingly. Cheers!