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Hi everyone. So, when installing a crucial plugin, like Jetpack for example, it’s taking a long time to install because Jetpack (actually any other heavy plugin and theme) has thousands of files. And when you gets impatient and you refresh page, activate the plugin/theme, it’s corrupted. So how to install an heavy theme/plugin the easy and fast way?

And yes

I’ll stick with 000webhost till what i want in my previous and this topic come true :smiley:

Does WP change the file permissions? Or maybe when the files get corrupted it leaves a file with permissions that mean nobody can remove it…?

anyways i uninstall wordpress and that file is gone for now.

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Manual installation with FTP may not be fast or easy, but it does work.

And whatever you do, if an installation/upgrade is stuck NEVER JUST REFRESH THE PAGE. Running multiple installations at the same time is a great way to mess up software, regardless of the type and platform.

Always, always, always let it run to completion first, either to success or to an error, and go on from there.

but what about it’s not completed after 10 or so minutes? Did you test jetpack and any other heavy theme/plugin ON YOUR OWN?

Yes, I just installed and tested Jetpack on one of my own testing sites and it worked without problem.

But when installing or updating stuff, just have patience. Like you said, large plugins can have thousands of files. There is just no way to install thousands of files quickly.

And interrupting installations or messing with things which are being installed or updated is a great way to break anything anywhere. So is that really surprising?


Yes admin, thanks.

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