Wp admin not loading

website tryescall.com


The above error message is showing when I’m trying to login.

Please help. I had used Cloudflare SSL before, but afterward, I changed the name servers back to infinity free s and deleted Cloudflare. Still, this is showing up.

Please advice.

It doesn’t even look like you’ve installed WP properly. Install it from Softaculous.

Either you didn’t install it properly, or it’s a corrupt installation in which case you need to reinstall it.

Why would I request help if I didn’t install wp? I think its some problem related to ssl.

On one hand, yes. The SSL isn’t installed.

However, if you did install WP properly then 1, you wouldn’t have a blank homepage. 2, you would have a /wp-login page and 3, you wouldn’t be redirected to InfinityFree’s default 404 page. So, it clearly tells me that it’s corrupt or it’s not installed properly.


Yes,his installation is corrupt

softaculous would be best in terms of installing wp

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