Would moving my domains to infinityfree make them secure?

Both of your domains are using DotEasy’s nameservers, and pointing to an IP address from DotEasy. They are not pointing to our hosting in any way and are not assigned to any hosting account.

So any issue you’re experiencing with the redirect, including connection issues or HTTPS issues, are the result of your setup on DotEasy’s side, which are unrelated to the website you’re actually hosting with us.

If this is the setup you want, then you’ll have to talk to DotEasy about this, because they know a lot more about their service than we do.

Alternatively, you could setup the domains on our hosting. Then you can either redirect the domains on our end to your free subdomain, or even setup the pages directly on your domain name.

The actual website is already hosted with us, so you don’t need to migrate anything.