Would anyone know what might cause this issue

I’m new to this but I’m helping my friend create a site.
As I’ve uploaded more files, I have seen it work better, but just recently, after more files were uploaded to it, the site won’t load anymore. It just gives a continuous loading screen, as shown attached.
Would anyone know what might cause this issue?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do not upload files bigger than 10MB
Try to minify your HTML & CSS Files (Use this tool) to reduce bandwidth and size of your files.
Try to not upload lots of file on the same time.

Check your Inodes, try to not exceed or lesser than the limitation, you know.

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I’d love to appreciate if you share your url?

Edit : my bad.



open/edit this file http://tommyranieritheater.epizy.com/js/jquery.min.js
with monstaFTP (file manager) from Client area

add this code at the very end




  • visit your website
  • clear browser cache with CTRL + F5

I could see it, try to edit and check your loading circle progress code, maybe you have a problem with the code.

@katufo try clean your cache :slight_smile:

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Yes I mean I could see his site without the loading screen and my advice to him is he need to edit the loading circle code correctly.

I think you have his page in the cache because it doesn’t work here either

but I have already given him the answer why and how to correct the problem in JS


I remove the loading screen using the inspect element. Maybe after he will use your code then the problem will be fixed you know.

Hey guys, thank you so much for the help!
@Oxy the added line at the end did the trick and it looks great!


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