Worried about safety


I have a question. Let’s say I have used email [email protected] to sign up for your services. and then I decided to change my email from abc to [email protected], now that my email is changed, is my old email saved anywhere in your system? do you have audit login trackers? My whole aim is to make my old email to disappear from your system. Do you even store it at your system once changed to new one? so basically in case if I am hacked, I don’t want them even to see my old email, so it is impossible for them even if they look for it. I was goofy to use my Dominos Pizza work email lol, I should have used my own. Or I should not told my manager that I used my work email. He is being funny about it now. Please let me know. I hope the website developers do check this forum and will respond me.
Thank you kindly!

The way the system works now, once you update the email address of your profile, the old email is gone. We do record login attempts (you can see those too in the client area), but not old email addresses.

Note that this behavior may change in the future. Tracking profile and login detail changes in an audit log would be beneficial to security. But we still need to investigate what’s required and what’s allowed by law.

Also, note that changing the client area email address does not change the contact email address of any of your hosting accounts. If you would like to change those too, you need to login to the control panel and update your email address there as well.


Thank you so much. Very appreciative! Please go ahead and close this ticket now since the issue is resolved and erase this ticket from the system. I am being paranoid :slight_smile: Thank you kindly! All the Best

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