Wordress hosting problem

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After pointing to infintyfree nameservers and installing wordpress i cannot login to wordpress dashboard!
My website has nothing but a blank dark page with some ads!

Other Information

I previously tried to host with profreehost,freehosting.com but all doesnt worked!
I’ve deleted all data from them!
Now I’m trying infintyfreehost!
But Nothing working!

I see this


Please delete domain from hosting account then add it in again


Do i have to create another with subdomain and delete present one!

No, just


Done it from cpanel>addon domains!
Deleted and added again!
Is it the right method?
Or i have to entirely delete epizy account from start?
Another question are there any fixes to Increase my likelihood to enter dashboard of mysite in wordpress!
It will be an honor to suggest any other fixes!

your site is empty, but you can always access your WordPress admin portal via
after installation


Now the ads are gone but new 404 shows in wp admin!
And Directory Listing shows in website!
Do i have to wait 76 hours as told!

Are you getting the files to the right place?
Remember after doing domain deleting & adding, the website files would be located in yourdomain.com/htdocs, instead of just htdocs.

If you have used softaculous then sorry I don’t really know why this is happening.


empty in ftp!
Should i install wordpress again

If you had a fresh WordPress install when you started, perhaps you should reinstall it again instead of copying data from folder to folder. That’ll save you some more time!


Huge Thanks
Thanks to everyone For Helping me !
speacial thanks to [KangJL
All my issues have been resolved!
Now I can build My site !
previously other free hosting companies didnt match our types!
But infinityfree host Is Best!
Thanks everyone!


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