I am facing a problem on my wordpress site and the problem is that i am not able install plugins on my site by any method.
even i am not able to install updates and new themes.
sometime it says no access to storage , contact your hosting provider.
So please help me.
My sire url is bestdslrs.ml

Did you also try this method to install plugins?


There was another topic with a similar issue yesterday:

As said in that topic, could you try the WordPress troubleshooting plugin to see if that can tell you more?

Okay you can do that by ftp but i am not asking for an alternative. i want to fix the issue. So please guide me how can i fix it

And I would like to fix the issue, but I have no idea what is causing this issue. I would like to work with you to try and fix this. And I think the Health Check plugin for WordPress is a good place to start looking.

But since that’s a plugin, and installing plugins is the problem, then maybe the workaround will let you get the data needed to actually fix the issue.

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