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I have installed WordPress but I can’t seem to update to the latest version 5.6 . The Themes updated no problem.

If you cannot wait, you can update manually using below link

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No problem waiting. But was wondering why it won’t update from the Dashboard which I am used to using.

You mean from previous hosting?

Normally I install the WordPress scripts myself using ftp. But I got stuck with this account and opted for the Softaculous install.

Don’t understand why it won’t upgrade.

Why won’t it update? What do you see?

No error message. I go to Updates. There is an updated version of WordPress is available. But nothing happens after clicking on Update Now. The three Themes needed updating and those worked fine.

…hang on something is happening this time
It is just horrendously slow
Suspect it will time out

You can also upgrade thru Softaculous

Cheers. Will take a look at it.


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