Wordpress update problem

My current wordpress version is 4.5.3 . When i update wordpress to 5.4.1, it only shows unpacking the update. I waited for about 3hours. It was still showing unpacking the update.

Websites hosted with us have a script execution time limit of 20 seconds. So I’m quite sure that WordPress was killed in the background and isn’t unpacking any updates.

Updating the major version of WordPress is quite a big upgrade, which is why you may run into PHP limits when trying to execute the update. While you can’t increase those limits on free hosting, there are other ways to update your site.

If you installed your website through Softaculous, the easiest way to update your site is through Softaculous as well. Softaculous isn’t affected by limits on your account, so it can safely perform the update.

If that fails (or your site isn’t managed through Softaculous), you can still attempt a manual update. This process is documented on the official WordPress KB: Updating WordPress – Documentation


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