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403 Forbidden

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I recently moved my Wordpress website to Infinity Free. I changed the nameservers to their ones as instructed and added my domain name. The site worked but my email address stopped working due to the nameserver change.

Infinity Free’s FAQ says that you can use someone else’s nameservers once you’ve added your domain to your account, as long as you create a CNAME entry which points to the webspace domain (in this case urhuyz16.epizy.com) So I reverted the nameservers and created a CNAME entry in the DNS settings. The email is working again but the website now doesn’t. I just get a ‘403- Forbidden’ notice.
I’v looked at the FAQ info on this issue but it isn’t that clear about how to solve it. I’m guessing the issue is the webspace domain name and either I’ve misunderstood where the CNAME should point to or there’s something else I need to do on top of this. Any help on this gratefully received.

Hey there. I can help you. Maybe dont use the webspace domain. Try to make an “A” record that points to the webspace ip address.

You can see your own webspace ip address in the InfinityFree’s account manager(for domains). In account details, below the main domain, you can see your webspace ip address.

Try that and see if that helps. Im happy to help you out.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve created an A record with the IP address. I don’t know how quickly it might make a difference. (I tried entering the ip address into my browser’s address bar and still got a 403 error.) I’ll wait and see if it works.

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I’ve now found that the urhuyz16.epizy.com domain redirects to suspendeddomain.org.

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Your welcome and can I request: please mark it solved😊

@JavesPotato It’s upto a user to whatever mark it as solution or not ^^’
@mnpegg can you please check this article?

About http://mpegg.co.uk/ it works to me.

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OK it seems to be sorted out now to some extent But it’s highlighted another problem. I added the A entry pointing to the IP address. Thought it still wasn’t working but tried it on another computer with Firefox and the website loaded. I’ve now found it’s working on my computer on other browsers but not Chrome which is what I normally use. Cleared the cache but it hasn’t made any difference. So there’s a problem with Chrome to sort out, but getting closer. Any thoughts on why Chrome might persistently throw up a 403 error?

Can you please clear your DNS cache? what if you reach your website with www?

Just like what youve said Im not forcing them. It is up to them. Im only reminding them. By the way thanks.

mpegg.co.uk and the same address with http:// in front, generate a ‘403 forbidden’ message in Chrome.
The www version now generates ‘This site can’t be reached. www.mpegg.co.uk ’s server IP address could not be found.’ in Chrome.
All of these versions work in other browsers.

Its seems working to me, Im browsing your site on my own Chromium-based browser (just like Chrome). It is fine it renders everything. Pls clear your data on the Chrome. And try again. If still persists, reboot the router and leave it 30 seconds and turned on it again. And try to browse site again.

Tried it in Chrome on my ipad and the http:// version works but the www. version still results in an ip address error. So I think this means that something local in the setup of Chrome on my desktop computer is causing the 403 error, and that isn’t happening to other Chrome users elsewhere. But the www.mpegg.co.uk issue is probably something I haven’t done in the DNS settings. At the moment I have a catchall CNAME setting pointing to the domain and an A setting that points to the IP address. Should I add something else?

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Is there any DNS records other than from your “A” record? If yes, can you list it ( but not too much)?

Sorted the Chrome issue. I had to get rid of cached files as well as site data and then it worked.

I tried to dig information in site and I found issues:

1.) The “A” record’s TTL( Time to Live) is too long. It should be short as you can in order the servers to exchange data fast.

2.) You still use a “CNAME” record even though you have an “A” record. Pls delete that record.

Im glad. It works.

As well as the A record there’s a * CNAME record pointing to the webspace domain. (As I understood it that was a catchall setting but it isn’t catching the www address)
Then there are two MX records pointing to the domain register’s email servers.

If you want to add a www into your website. Add another A record into your DNS management and point it into your domain IP address.


Name: www
Target/Content: your domain ip address

I’ve deleted the CNAME record and added the second A record as advised. the www address now seems to work. Hooray!
Not sure how to change the TTL setting of the A record. There’s nothing in the DNS setting that refers to that.
But otherwise it seems as if it’s been sorted out. Thanks to everyone for their support and help.

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Im glad to help you out.

Friendly tip: Don’t combined “A” record with the “CNAME” record for only one target. It will cause crashes and higher ping.