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My domain - https://testing.teamelites.ga – Redirects to suspended-domain.com
My Account is neither suspended nor their is any web server down.
Why this sub-domain redirects?

Not only this, my all sub-domains, except forum.teamelites.ga redirect to suspended-domain.org

Please help

What is happening? My .htaccess file disappeared automatically, website is not loading
Nothing is happening, may be this is the first time when this is going on Infinityfree

The domain testing.teamelites.ga is currently not assigned to a hosting account. Please make sure that you’ve added the DNS records to Cloudflare but also added the subdomain through the Subdomains menu in the Control Panel (so the server knows which website to show on the domain).

WP create virtual domains, so they redirect the folders. As said in codex, if you create a sub domain in cPanel, sub domain site may not work

While WordPress can host multiple websites from a single installation, it requires additional server settings to work. The server must be configured to know that the subdomains of teamelites.ga are handled by the same code as teamelites.ga itself, which is not the case on our hosting.

On InfinityFree, all subdomains must be explicitly added to an account, and these domains will all get their own folder. If a subdomain is not registered, it will not show a web page.

So basically, this offer doesn’t works in Infinity Free… Right?

Effectively, yes. If there was the ability to change the directory root of a subdomain, it would be possible (although you would still have to add every subdomain manually). But that’s not possible, so having WordPress multisite with different domains won’t work here.

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