Wordpress pages deleted

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Error Message

404 page not found

Other Information

one moment they were these, the next they were gone

before you ask, no, i dont hsave a backup

Anything more specific? Like what specific page was gone?

And before we start, WordPress don’t store their data in the disk so there’s nothing to do with the outage.

Could you also provide more detail like the current active plugins, themes, or something like that?



i chewcked php my admin and the data for the page was blank


pluss it keeps saying publishing failed

Unfortunately I was unable to replicate your issue.

But I did see a lot of plugins including Elementor (whether Free or Pro), which is known for very resource extensive and not suggested on free hosting.

This might be the cause of your repetitive failure of posting. Try disable and delete some of the plugins, and avoid any 3rd party site builder. WordPress these days comes with built-in site builder (Gutenberg) which works much better.


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