Wordpress Page Load - Extremely Slow

I’m currently having an issue with my site [https://peaceful.ie] that it is very slow, sometimes the page doesn’t even load. It is using Wordpress and I’ve tried installing optimizing plugins which have helped slightly but still very slow. I’m new to Wordpress also, any suggestions?

I took a quick look at the list of plugins installed on your site. Here are a couple of things I noticed:

WooCommerce and Jetpack are known to be quite heavy plugins. I guess your site needs WooCommerce to offer some key functionality, but I would suggest dropping Jetpack.

I see you have multiple caching plugins installed. Caching plugins can be useful, but please make sure to only use one good caching plugins, do not use multiple. W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache are good options for most sites as far as I know. Do not use LiteSpeed Cache unless your website runs on LiteSpeed Server, which is not the case if you’re using our hosting. Super Page Cache for Cloudflare may also be of interest to you. But again: only use one caching plugin.


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