wordpress network

how do you create a word press network on infinity free i want to use sub domains.

It’s not possible to create a Wordpress network with subdomains with us (only subdirectories). The required settings are only available on premium hosting.

okay thank you

@redmoon What do you mean with a WordPress network? Are you thinking, a site where users can create their own WordPress blogs, or a site which has many WordPress blogs on it, but not created by users. If you want a site where users can create their own wordpress blogs as your site subdomains, for example mywordpressblog.example.com, then it would be, technically posibble, but you would eventually hit iNodes limit and other limits, but it would be hard to script it. But if ur planning to create few wordpress blogs as subdomains, adminstrated by yourself, then it shouldn’t be problem, as long as they do not use alot of resources!