Wordpress issues with plugins installation

My website URL is:


What I’m seeing is:

WordPress says
“there has been a critical error on your website please check your site admin email”
When i visited my spam email i saw the mail WordPress sent to me, letting me know there are technical issues with my site installing a plugin; that i should contact my host.
When i first came here, i saw a similar query, in which the solution was to manually install the plugin, which i have been trying to do using filezilla but it just can’t connect to my server

Can you get to an admin login to get to the dashboard for your site? Try typing onlinedailyblog.com/wp-admin in the address bar and see if the wordpress admin login screen comes up.

On FileZilla do you mean you can’t connect with Site Manager, or you can see the folders on the server and can’t connect to them? Generally just clicking on anything on the server side immediately connects.

For wordpress i can access my dashboard…
for filezilla: at first when i used my hostname, i could partially access the server only that wordpress was no where to be found in the server (on filezilla).
what i mean by that partially is that, filezilla could show some of my server’s folders, but it always shows disconnected from server…

but then i was told that i am supposed to use my ip address, instead of my host name, which when i did, filezilla could not show any folder of my server

I would bring up the dashboard and start disabling plugins one at a time, then see if your site comes up, if it doesn’t then activate the one you disabled and move to the next one. From that you can determine if a plugin is causing the problem, for me it was Elementor updates that would fail and bring the site down on every update attempt.

Once you’ve found out that a plugin is causing the problem that may clear the FileZilla problem too.


Ok thanks, let me do just that

Here is a knowledge base article from here https://infinityfree.net/support/ for FTP that might help



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