Wordpress is Dead Slow

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https://artist1418.cf epiz_26284185

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The backend is a bit fast but the frontend is slow

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Please do not tell me to deactivate or remove unwanted plugin or themes,coz I already did it.

@Admin Great salute for him for offering freehosting where all other websites are scam.
If he allows .tk domains it will be more good.

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Basically we don’t disallow things without reason, reason for banning .tk is because it is being used in scam/abusive sites mostly.


then what about .cf .ga .gq .ml

they aren’t banned.

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no if .tk are abused what about freenom domains

the other domains are also abused

oops the topic and discussion is so different

@anon19508339 is there anyway to optimize and decrease the loading time of my website

Use caching programs, I think I read somewhere that W3-TotalCache was good, just search ‘cache programs’, it basically re-uses the last used data, instead of re fetching it, to decrease load time.


I use cloudflare and Auto optimize, but still frontend loading time is slow.

There must be some problems with IP.
Try changing your IP using changing your server account.

Uh! I am sorry can you elaborate a bit :slight_smile:

Autoptimize and Cloudflare are useful tools, but a WordPress caching plugin does something else, and may provide a larger benefit to side speed. So if you don’t have that yet, you definitely should start using one.

In fact, looking at the description of the Autoptimize plugin, it looks like they either have overlapping functionality, and may even clash and cause your site to slow down when used in conjunction.


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Lets keep on Wordpress topic and not private personal Information.

If really Admin was interested in these stuff, he would put his information in his profile etc.


I am really Sorry :sob:

I don’t think he need help anymore.

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