Wordpress installation error

I tried installing wordpress on my second domain and its not going through,it keeps on telling me to re log in…is it a wrong idea trying to use two domains on a single hosting?

My domain name is

Correction to what i said earlier,

  1. It depends on your hosting plan
  2. Wordpress generally was experiencing some minor downtime but i guess they are back online now.
    Please check and leave a feedback

Hello the problem still persists, whenever I click on softaculous App installer to install wordpress,it will automatically log me out of control panel to re input my log in details,after putting my log in details, it will say ip has changed, sometimes it opens softaculous but it wont open well.,please help me out, can’t we host two domains on 1 free hosting provider on infinityfree?


Thanks alot, it had been resolved, I was able to install my wordpress properly. infinityfree is the best.

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