Wordpress instalation error

I installed wordpress already one time after that when i close Softaculous it says install again i try to install again it says: The following errors were found :

An installation already exists at http://supersmiffy.rf.gd as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation!

Link: https://sv1.scriptinstall.rocks:2083/cpsess8425659439/frontend/x3/softaculous/index.live.php?act=software&soft=26&tab=install

Help please

On the softaculous main page, click “Installed Applications”, then click the X or uninstall button next to WordPress.

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I don’t see it

Nmv found it

@Greenreader9 I used wordpress before i also see other applications wich do you recommend?

It really depends on what you want to do.

Personally, as a developer myself, I would just say make it yourself, but that may not always be the best option.

But i don’t know HTML/CCS/JS

That’s why I said:


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So I just want a easy to use sitebuilder like wordpress so do you have anything in recommendation. Or does it depends again

without watermark i hate Sitepro

That query was already answered for you:

I am closing this topic as it has just become a duplicate of your previous two.