Wordpress: Failed to write file to disk

I have a problem now that when I try to upload a theme or picture in wordpress, it says “Failed to write file to disk”. I tried changing permissions for the files but it didn’t help. Can somebody help?

My website URL is www.yourfootballshirts.ga

What I’m seeing is: when I try to upload theme on wordpress and click “install”, it gives me this error “failed to write to disk”

I am using Wordpress

maybe file size is morethan 10MB?

can you upload them via FTP?

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Completing what @anon19508339 said, if you want to upload a larger theme via FTP, you need to use a FTP client, configure it with the credentials on the “FTP Details” table, extract the zip file of the theme on your computer, and upload the extracted folder to htdocs/wp-content/themes/.

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my account name is epiz_24203197

Use it as username of the account while connecting via FTP. Then click on “Show/Hide” to show the password and use the mixture of characters that are the password as password. Click on Connect and follow my next steps:

I got the same problem too… I cant even install any kind of plugin via wordpress. No matter whats size!

Did you read the entire post?
After extracting the zip file of your plugin on your computer, upload the extracted folder to htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ with a configured FTP client.

I cant even UPLOAD And image of any size to Media library!!! Even the smaller image ! There is a problem with disk or something

|MySQL username:|
|Hosting Volume|

I cant even activate a plugin, delete, or save something…

There is not a problem with the hosting volume, nor with the database. Try to set the permissions to the wp-content and all subdirectories and files on it to 777.

There are problem with hosting i telling you. My friend has a free account with u guys, and he has problem too…

Can even create a entry o page inside wordpress…
Everytime hit publish, update… got error page.
Its not installation problem or chmod problem

ignore wordpress. FTP upload we mean :slight_smile:

But that is a hosting problem.

There might be error massages! what is this?

Ignore wordpress why? I got the same problem BAYODINO: Cant do anything inside wordpress.

I changed wp-content to chmod 777… Still the same.

There is a problem with permisions on with the disk. This is not normal.

Thats why im telling u!..
There is a problem with something, soft or hard. I guess is a hardware problem. because i need to reload the page, and try again, till i got succesfully activate a plugin, or add a page/blog…

if there be problem with the disk. you might be unable to do anything with file manager too.

if yes. it is

Try adding your domain to a hosting account where the problem is not available at all, and has a different volume, and migrate your contents to the new account.

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Ok, u may be right… Well i saw that they are update some sections on infinitryfree… could be a script/permision problem. but something that i know is that is weird this days…

Where is the admiN!?