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What I’m seeing is:

The site is experiencing technical difficulties.

Wordpress Error - This site is experiencing technical difficulties.
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Additional information:
I tried to update wordpress plugins during which my website went under maintenance and after a while - two hours or so I decided to update remaining plugins which resulted in website showing blank white pages. So I decided to update wordpress manually by going to cPanel>Softaculous>updated Wordpress from there. After update was successful, I visited the website and it started showing “This website is experiencing technical difficulties.”

Please instruct me how to recover website back online as it was.


Which plugin were you updating last before you got this message? If so, that plugin update likely failed, leaving the installation in a broken state.

What you can do to fix this is forcefully disable the broken plugin, and then try to reinstall it. You can delete the plugin by opening a File Manager or FTP client and navigating to the htdocs/wp-content/plugins folder. In there, delete the folder of your plugin. Then, try to open your website again.

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Some IT Guy fixed it. Thanks BTW.

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