Wordpress Error 508

My website URL is spaceblogs.cf
I have installed Wordpress

I installed the wordpress using the softaculous installer for when I use HTTPS it gives my ERROR 508 with trying to login.
I uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times but no luck please help.

You need to login to the Cloudflare dashboard with the credentials they gave you, then click on your domain, go to “SSL/TLS” page, and set the SSL option from “Flexible” to “Full”. Then uninstall any Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

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Thanks @Ergastolator1 It sloved my problem but one more problem is that when i install plugins of backup like " [UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin]" or “[Jetpack by WordPress.com]” it gives me Update Failed!

Do not install backup plugins, as they might fail the backup, and for Jetpack upload it with a FTP client and these instructions.

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