WordPress Dashboard not opening

I am unable to open the dashboard for my website- The Daily Chat Box How do I fix this error? This has been happening for quite some time and it takes ages to load.

Seems ok

Nope. I am unable to open the dashboard.

What is the error ?

Just saying “Nope, not working” is not enough information to let us help you. You need to provide information such as error messages, and browser console warnings. No one will be able to help you if you don’t give us the ability to.


Many times, it just loads and in the end, shows the “took too long to response error”. Sometimes, I am able to open it. Other times, it just does not open and loads for ages.

So check your internet connection?

I have a good connection and the other windows opened easily. I don’t think it is because of the internet.

So you say it works on other devices on the same network?

No. I am saying that other sites other than that opens easily. Only the dashboard does not load.

Maybe reinstalling wordpress will help.

ok. Thank You. I will try it out.

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