WordPress dashboard not loading

Username: epiz_27482670

URL: https://www.thrillsontheboardwalk.xyz

Error Message:
This page isn’t working
www.thrillsontheboardwalk.xyz redirected you too many times.

I just installed WordPress, and the site loads perfectly fine, but when I go to the dashboard, I get this message. I haven’t been able to access the WordPress dashboard. Anyone know how to fix this?

Pls read below…


I have an SSL certificate up and running. Should I disable Cloudflare?

If you’ve just enabled Cloudflare, all the Cloudflare settings should be standard, which is good.

If you’ve already tinkered with the Cloudflare settings before trying to get HTTPS to work, here are some settings to verify:

  • In the SSL/TLS → Overview tab, Encryption Mode is set to “Flexible”.
  • In the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates tab, the setting “Always Use HTTPS” is set to Off.
  • In the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates tab, the setting “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” is set to Off.

It works now. Thanks so much!


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