WordPress admin locked

My WebSite (crowhillsolutions.com) Admin login is inaccessible.

While logged in at wp-admin, I recently installed a plugin (WP Security) and had set my site to Maintenance mode. I verified that users could not access my site (exactly what I had intended). While making some changes to my content, I had a local power failure and lost my connection.

Now, when I try to login to wp-admin, I am getting the Under Maintenance mode message that is pre-set in WP Security. With wp-admin locked down, I cannot regain access to my site so cannot take it out of Maintenance Mode.

One option I have would be to uninstall WordPress using the Control Panel and start all over but that seems a bit radical. There must be some way to regain access without having to go to that extreme?

Anyone have an idea how I should attack this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thats quite easy to fix!

  1. Login via FTP
  2. Delete the “.mainteance” file
  3. Navigate to the plugins folder of your site (It is 2 levels deep, I no longer use WP, so I cannot tell you excatly where it is stored).
  4. Delete the folder called WP Security
  5. Clear your cache
  6. Try again

I think it’s in this location

Possible cause of problem - All in one wp security and firewall plugin – maintenance mode | WordPress.org

I guess that plugin is the culprit
because I see it here in the code


Thank you for the suggestions - all of which will work; however, I took a much less invasive approach by going through cpanel, locating the PlugIn folder and simply renaming it.

I was then able to login, take my site out of Maintenance, logout, then back through cpanel and renaming the PlugIn folder back to it real name again, and then logged back into wp-admin succesfully.

Note to self: Never panic - there is always a workable solution.


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