WooCommerce API Printful can not connect

Hello, I want to build a merch website using Wordpress and WooCommerce and Printful.
The website is http://shop.ahd.rf.gd/ and it is under construction.
I ran into a problem where I can not connect to Printful. I have tried deleting plugins, enabling Legacy Rest API but I will still get this message from Printful:

Error: Invalid response from your WooCommerce store. Please make sure your site is working and no plugins are blocking WooCommerce API access

I contacted Printful and the checked that my all the plugins that I have is fine and right and the support said I should contacted the Hosting Provider. Please help.


You need to enable cookies in your app

Well I lookup online, all wordpress website have cookies enabled by default.

External API access on free hosting is not possible, due to this security system:


This means that any third party integrations which involve doing API calls on your website are not going to work on free hosting.

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