Will your service remain available amid Coronavirus lockdowns etc?

Will InfinityFree remain running and our sites remain live? Would you move to a premium only model, or are things remaining the same? Thanks

We try to do business as usual on our end. InfinityFree doesn’t have an office, so nothing changes there. iFastNet does, but I assume they are all working from home now. Fortunately, IT work is quite easily done off-site. The only exception is if work needs to be done inside the datacenter, but as long as they keep their distance and limit the number of people inside, it should all be fine.

Note that iFastNet is in the United Kingdom and InfinityFree is in the Netherlands, both countries with a good number of infections but relatively relaxed restrictions right now. That may of course change over the coming weeks (months?), but for now, there are no notable restrictions.

For now, there are no notable restrictions which prevent us from keeping our service up and open, and we’ll do our best to make sure it stays that way.


Great, that’s good to know. Thanks

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