Will you be supporting SSL certficates for subdomains?

I understand that right now you are not, but is it a consideration for the future? I have my own domain name paid for through a registrar and the SSL installation process worked perfectly on that domain (thanks!) and I loved that it could all be done within Infinity Free! But I would love for my subdomains to have certificates, too.

Thanks in advance

They are considering it, but Let’s Encrypt sets rate limits on subdomains. And don’t suggest something such as randomness. It would be more like a lottery.

Did you check the knowledge base before posting? If so, did you notice this section?


We’re currently working on a way to get free SSL on free subdomain as well. But until that option is ready, you cannot get free SSL for free subdomains.


I had a look but didn’t see that page. Thanks for clarifying.

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