Will my website automatically get deleted?

Let’s say that I’m working on a website that I wouldn’t really want to get randomly deleted.
Let’s say I get a bit inactive on the project, will it just randomly delete?

Let’s say something does happen if I get inactive, will it just be a simple suspension that I can simply fix by waking up the server?

Does website views count as inactive, let’s say I get under 10 website views in a month, would that possibly delete my website or something?

I’d really not want that work to go to waste because I took a break on working on the website.

I’m sure it’s less than 5 visitors a month, then you get a warning email, saying your account will be deleted, you can then reactive.


Well, if you care about your website, you should have a backup of it. Losing your entire website is super easy to prevent by just keeping a copy of it on your own computer.

To answer your question: we do delete inactive accounts. We do send multiple warnings ahead of time, but the reactivation window isn’t that big.

But again, keeping your own backup prevents loss of important data. I can’t stress it enough: always keep your own backups.


Alright, sounds good. I do have an SQL database, will that also get deleted with the website? In that case can I backup that data as well? If so, how?

If we delete an account, then the entire account is deleted. This includes all domain names, files, databases, settings and any other content related to the account.

You can backup your database through phpMyAdmin. It’s described in this article:


Alright, thank you very much!

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