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The info and codes in the hosting FREE plan are test for develop of my customer.
All info is legal and all terms and condition are legal
If U wanna with out free hosting for pay the plan, then not offert free hosting.

Sendme all information in my free hosting plan of my 3 domains NOW or reactive the account…

You can view the reason for the suspension in the client area. While some are permanente, some of them are only temporary.

Also, getting mad at people is not a good way to convince them to help you.


The reason is Your account was suspended for a violation of our terms of service. Reasons for this may include harmful or illegal content, or because your account overloaded our servers.

Howto know if is temporal or definitive?

And I get angry because I am testing developments for my clients since later they will have a paid account in infityfree with my work, but at this point I don’t know if it will be convenient for me and it will be convenient for my clients to look for alternatives…


That message means it is a permanent suspension. To ask why, possibly get it reverted, or get a backup, you need to follow the very next line, which says to open a support ticket (Which you can do by clicking the button below that).

We can’t help you here


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