Why Suspend Account without email notification?

Dear Sir,

My account was suspended: Support Ticket #685115 due to unknown cause.

I created this free account is for my own learning and exploring. for beginning I just need a hosting to do MX record pointing to my G suite email account. So it is not rational to say my site was violated any traffic flow rule or content issue because it was no content.

Is it because it was free than it suspended? Why not notify us first before you take action even is free?



Hello there,

You may want to refer to this Knowledge Base article:

Infinity Free Staff quote :
"Hi there,
Your free account bad content has triggered our systems abuse filter detectors and has been suspended,
this is not allowed here:
SHELLD /HACKED SITE istudy.net.my
epiz_25628736/htdocs/cgi.php "

Good try! No Content also is a bad content .

I now understand why is infinityFree.

As what staff said CGI is not allowed here

So how to reactivate my free account ?

You’ll have to follow what the staff has given you by deleting that thing it told you to, so you can get your account reactivated.

Sorry Sir, I don’t get you, what you mean by CGI ??

I meant about that cgi.php file, it’s not allowed here as what the staff said.

How to delete ? I cannot login to my control panel or login page.

Just say staff what is in the file and that is not something bad and they check it!!! !!! !!!

Can you try asking the support staff on how you can delete the file or how you can reactivate your suspended account?


And what does cgi.php do?

I just a beginner, I have no idea what is cgi.php : What is CGI, FastCGI? | KnowledgeBase. . but htdocs is something relate to https://…SSL

Dear Sir,

After Long Q&A with infinityfree staff.

“My Ticket status changed to Pending at May 9, 2020, 5:16 am
Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist.”

This mean what ya?

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