Why such thing always happen there ?

i have an account with you and have a website http://jiofi-local.html-5.me/
but i surprise despite all thing why my website still alive

can any one tell me?

If I understand your message correctly, you’re asking: “I read all these things about domains being down, why is my website still working?”

We do our best to ensure good uptime and website speed, even on free hosting. So even now, the majority of websites is online. The UnitedDomains issue is very unfortunate but only affects accounts under the rf.gd domain. epizy.com and freecluster.eu sites are not affected by this in any way. And if your website is using a different subdomain or is pointing to a different set of nameservers, your website continues to work as well.

So despite the fact that a LOT of websites are down right now, the majority of websites are not affected. I’d say roughly 30% of all websites are affected.