why my web always suspended?

aight Im just sign up for free here, I understand that, but Im just startup here, and I think its not fair for me, if I get some money from here I will upgrade to premium, really… but… how can I get money from this?, by the way, thanks for free hosting, it was really helpful for me, sorry for my bad english.

You actually can make money on your website by adding Google Ads or something like this, account is being suspended for other reasons…

its says Im using too much php script, its for propesional look, and I think its good for visitior make easy for them to use, and I got suspended 2 times, its work only for 1 day and suspended in 1 day after… how can I make money from that?

If you’re abusing server resources by using a lot of memory for your scripts — no how. Optimizate your website to make it use less server resources, it’s free hosting and it can’t provide your features of paid plan.