Why my site on https view differently than http?

Hi there,
My site on https load different from http.
On http the photo margins are how I set them on PUBVANA while on https they are enlarged and even wont load if I browse the site on mobile!
And font format view differently too!

How can I make the site view the same on both HTTP and HTTPS?

you have more problems

one is mixed content
which then blocks everything that is http
because with https everything has to be on https (open the dev console in the browser
F12 and after press refresh)

you call the CSS file that is responsible for those images you mention but you call it with the http protocol instead of https. The same goes for fonts from google, etc.

(this applies to your domain as well as subdomain on epizy)

and the other problem is because you are as far as I can see
made a parked domain greenchalks.com at this http://green-chalk.epizy.com

but your page kept every link in it
which leads to http://green-chalk.epizy.com

The easiest way to fix this is to edit your Website settings/code ( green-chalk.epizy.com) and update the Website URL to https://greenchalks.com That will fix the custom domain, but it might break the subdomain. So you may want to make a decision about which URL you would like the site to be available on.

or add a domain as an addon and then upload the corrected content there

You should later delete the cache on the cloudflare (purge all)
to pull new corrected files

solution for mixed content

You are left with one problem - because the internal menu and links lead to epizy (your free subdomain - parked) as I stated above


Thanks for your fast response.
I want to mention that I deleted the free sub domain http://green-chalk.epizy.com from addon
and added greenchalks,com as an addon domain only

so (http://green-chalk.epizy.com/) can be found on subdomain only
and greenchalks.com is found in addon domains

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now you just need to edit the source code ( greenchalks.com)
and modify the URL for all resources and the menu where subdomain epizy are mentioned

that problem would not have happened if you had chosen the relative path and not the absolute

and enable on Cloudflare



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