Why My All Websites that deactivated 10 and used 3 are all suspended

Hello, I would need help since I had 10 suspended accounts, some that I did not use and 3 working as galaxyzone.cf and greenzone.cf, the ones I used for my grand theft auto server, but I do not know why all the accounts are always suspended for no reason, even the ones that are deactivated because all websites are suspended

im only using the accounts



Check client area for the reason.
If it is a permanent suspension, raise support ticket


That’s a lot of accounts. Did you know that you can only have 3 per person?

Most likely, the server (or a human) noticed your account total, and suspended them all.

Open the accounts and see why they are suspended. If you are prompted to open a ticket, do so.


I had 10 deactivated, for example the ones from duce.ml and fenix, all of them and I had 3


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