Why my account suspended

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My account is suspended

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Plz guide me and why my account was suspended when will reactivate my account

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Hi and welcome to the forum! You can check the Client Area for more informations as to why your account is suspended and what you can do to reactivate it.


but i am traying still not activated how i can do

If you check the Deactivation History, you’ll see that your account isn’t still suspended, it’s suspended again.

Since the end of June, we’re seeing an increase in daily RAM limit suspensions. We’re not quite sure yet what causes it (I’ve been told nothing changed on our end). But as far as we see, it seems to be correlated to heavy WordPress plugins such as Elementor and WooCommerce.

I see you’ve temporarily pointed the domain elsewhere. That may help to keep your account online long enough to troubleshoot this.


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