Why is this service free?

Hello there.
I have a question: How can infinityfree be free.
Is it really legit or just a big scam?
I mean, nothing on this world is free. You can’t just give away unlimited diskspace and service and support.
There has to be a twist somewhere…
Are you selling our data and whatever you track?
Not even advertisements are enabled on infinityfree.
How can you keep it free?

Best regards,

We keep costs low by using a custom hosting system which allows us to host much more accounts on a server than is possible with traditional systems. However, to be able to host so many accounts we need to have strict fair usage restrictions, so hosting sites which consume a lot of server power is not possible here. The remaining costs are covered using the ads on our main site, forum and control panel, as well as the revenue from upgrades.

All of this together means that if you have a small website, you can host it with us for free and without any problems.