Why is my website suspended?

Why was my account suspended? I was just trying index codes. And I came across an Instagram index and uploaded it to my site to see how it looks. No response no matter how many tickets I open i can’t get

MY web site:schenzy-code.cf

Check client area for the reason


My account has been disabled for abuse😂But when I create a ticket I don’t get any response. I just get an email and I’m trying to reply to it but it says "This email address is currently unavailable or there is an error saying not receiving mail

Well, we cannot help you here.
You just have to wait for their reply

You can’t reply to the email, you need to open the client area to reply to the ticket.

And you said you uploaded an instagram look-alike login page. You were probably suspended for phising, as doing something like that is both illegal (arguably, one could argue intent), and in violation our terms. If this is the reason, your account will probably never be deactivated.


But it was just the home page.My intent was not a phishing :frowning:

It may have been that the automated system flagged your account by accident. You’ll just have to wait for a response, last time I submitted a ticket it took them 12 hours.


Hi,No response for a week :frowning:

Try creating another ticket via the client area.


It does look a lot like one, login form and all. I’m sorry, but we’re not going to take any risks with a site like this. We have a strict zero tolerance policy for phishing and we don’t want to host anything that looks like it could be phishing.


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