Why is my website got ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR?

Username epiz_32443120


Error Message


Other Information

I got a domain from google domains I connected it with servernames epizy1 and 2 but I still get this error message when i connect my website?


Your nameservers are not set correctly :slight_smile:


well i changed them on google domains but maybe it takes times to confirm them i don’t know. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

ustun.dev works for me. Your subdomain doesn’t, though.


it works because it is not on this hosting but on GSE

and he must refer NS to ours

and then he can only add the domain to the system
to be assigned an IP from our network

and then create a subdomain


I just checked now, and both the DNS and WHOIS information of your domain says it’s still using Google Domains’ nameservers.

Usually, nameserver changes are processed within minutes, and take a few hours at most. So seeing how the nameservers are still not correct now, I think that either you made an error in changing the nameservers or the change hasn’t been processed correctly by Google.

Please note that changing the nameservers of your domain is NOT the same as changing the DNS records. These are usually different settings found in different places. This is the article form Google on how to set custom namesevers through their panel: Manage domain name servers - Google Domains Help


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