Why is FTP not working right now?

techguyaj22.rf.gd, games.techguyaj22.rf.gd, soundboard.techguyaj22.rf.gd

I am not able to enter my FTP server, when I type in the information, it loads forever or just shows me this message (image)

I have tried other ftp upload sites, but they just load forever or show me error codes

This has worked before, but for some reason, it isn’t working today

Did you check if you were able to access your files using our file manager? Because if you can, it means our FTP server is working.

We do not recommend using third party web based FTP clients, because they may be recording your FTP credentials to be abused.

Additionally, IP addresses that generate too many failed login attempts are temporarily blocked, which negatively affects these public FTP web clients. This is an intentional security measure, and we will not whitelist public FTP client hosts as we do not recommend using them.


I see, your file manager works, I never really noticed it.

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