Why I'm redirecting automatically to google support page

Hi I’m using free web hosting plan with free subdomain.
My website = http://alapdorl.epizy.com/
When I reload my page more than three times I automatically redirected this Page from any page of my website.
Any solution here?

Make sure your script doesn’t use the i parameter, which is part of the security system, and that cookies and JavaScript are enabled on your browser. Also, if you use a dynamic IP that changes every second, that is the problem: you need to make sure you have a dynamic IP that changes only after rebooting your router or making a new connection.


You’re right on almost everything, except for this point. The cookies are not linked to an IP address. Even if you get a different IP address on every connection, you should be able to access any site hosted here.

If you’re being redirected to the cookies support page, it means your browser does not correctly store the cookies of the security system. Please check for any browser settings/extensions which may interfere with setting cookies.


Hi @Admin, This problems occurs when the value of i parameter will become 3 on any browser if the is Chrome, Opera or Oppo default browser

yes, exactly!

Yes, the security system does 3 attempts to set the cookie. To prevent your browser from hammering the server indefinitely, it sends you to Google afterwards.

That suffix is explained here:


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