Why i got 500 request error

when i installed clipbuucket using softculous it worked fine
but after i tried to access https://dhamalasticworld.rf.gd/admin_area i got 500 request error

Note that media hosting is strictly forbidden here, and you will be suspended.

In any case, it’s working. Try clearing your cache.

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i cannot host a platform

sorry i didn’t know that

Not a problem, just please remember to read the TOS before using a platform!

can i host a website like this?

like i have my youtube channel
i will create videos and upload it on website and on my youtube channel
and i will create blogs in that website too using wordpress

so is this legal or illegal?

That’s fine! Just remember to embed the video from YouTube, and don’t store them directly on your site (It will also make your site faster, and give you more views on YT)

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so i can use wordpress for blogs

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i got one more 500 bad gateway error when i am using wordpress

A screenshot?

Try reinstalling or wait for sometime


when i tried to install elementor it doesn’t works and got same error
[Zip file externally]

(I reinstalled wordpress)

Try clearing your cache. You have a long loading time, but it is working.

  1. Try flushing your permalinks.
  2. Elementor is not advised using on free hosting.
  3. 502 means either your website is creating the issue or there is a server issue. Only admin knows that :frowning:.

i got one more 403 Forbidden error
when i installed simple ajax chat plugin

it was working fine when i opened chatbox first time

Chatboxes are not allowed. The system recognized that it is a chat system, and the system is blocking it.

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comments are allowed?
or can i embed any exteral chatbox into my website?

Comment boxes are allowed.
External chatbots are allowed (As long as you get embed code, and the actual chat program is hosted elseware).

As long as the server is not always checking for new responses (How chatboxes work), it is ok.

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