Why do you inject javascript to HTML-onlly webpage?

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No, we don’t. Terms of service describe what you can and can’t do with a service, and what rights you have regarding it. That’s what the terms part of a terms of service refers to. It doesn’t describe every feature of a product or service in minute technical details. I don’t know of any company that describes every technical detail of their service in their terms.

I understand that you don’t like it that we choose to protect our servers in this way. I would be too in your case. And of course, you’re looking for a way to blame us for this. After all, it’s not your fault that you didn’t know this, so we obviously wronged you, didn’t we?

The thing is, we have the right - no, responsibility - to protect our systems. The nature of such protections sometimes means that a provider cannot be completely transparent about it or provide any guarantees about the way it works (through a legal documents).

Just to be clear: I don’t think you’re wrong for not expecting this method of protection. I also don’t think we’re wrong for not beating you in the face with it during the registration period, or for describing it in the place you expected it to be described.

We try to provide a service that appeals to as many people as possible. But sometimes our interests and your expectations or demands don’t align. In that case, InfinityFree is not the service for you. If that’s the case, I’m sorry that our service doesn’t meet your needs, and I wish you best of luck with your next hosting provider who does do what you want.

And now I’m going to close this topic because I don’t see a point in arguing this anymore. You’ve shared your feedback, thank you for that, now please either accept the way we do business or don’t and find a different provider.