Why do I keep on getting 502 bad gateway nginx error on my site for almost a week now?

Website URL


Error Message

502 Bad Gateway


Other Information

I’ve already deleted my cache, used different devices and browsers to run my site again. However, I still can’t fix the error. I’m only using it for my portfolio site using Wordpress. Please help, what should I do next?

What is on your CloudFlare dns entry?
Please provide a screenshot


Here is my dns in cloudflare.

Remove the two CNAME records that point to BODIS.com


I checked your site, and it seems to be loading for a very long time before it responds with a timeout error. And when I check https://venusbulintao.site/readme.html, it responds with the readme file immediately.

So I suspect that it’s a problem with your website code that’s either stuck or just very slow.

Usually, the first thing to try in this case is disable all the plugins in your site (for example by renaming the wp-content/plugins directory) and see if that fixes the issue. If it does, you can start reintroducing the plugins to find which plugin is causing this issue.


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