Why do i get this warning when i open any images on my website?

Hello there! i currently am getting this warning whenever i try to open any images on my website and to make this working disappear i have to reload the page. why does this keep happening? and also why does my website selync keep bugging out like this? sometimes i would have to clear cache for it to work properly. but i still do want to know why it does that.
IMG 1: is the warning that it shows when i try to open a image file on my website.
IMG 2: is my website just bugging out.

Please help. thanks! <3

We have an article about the error here:

My first guess was that maybe you’re passing the images through PHP code, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at first sight. And you’re using Cloudflare, which should help a lot with this too.

I also can’t get the error from my end. Your home page looks fine and I don’t see any errors.


huh, weird. my homepage usually bugs out once i first visit it but once i clear cache or wait for a bit it just fixes itself.

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